Lawrenza is for lawyers who want to save time and find the right legal source at the right time, in few seconds.

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    Save up to 15% of billable hours

    We estimate that using Lawrenza allows you to save up to 15% of billable hours.
    This allows you to optimize your packages.

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    Increase the relevance of your work

    With accurate sources, Lawrenza helps you be more relevant. This allows you to invoice all the time of your beginners, or to put them on more complex files.

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    Focus on added value

    Don't waste time looking for the most relevant text, find it in a few seconds. This allows you to charge only for work with high added value: advice and analysis.

Lawrenza is an artificial intelligence that allows legal experts to gain competence and increase their margins.

In concrete terms, thanks to its database of millions of legal documents updated automatically, and its artificial intelligence, Lawrenza enables lawyers to find the right law or case law in a matter of seconds.

Let's take Marc as an example. Marc is a lawyer. Usually, when a client asks him a question, he has to look in his previous files to see if he has ever had a similar case, verify that there has been no significant change in the law, and try to find that legal magazine where he believes he remembers reading the relevant contribution of a prominent colleague.

He therefore asks his associates to look for legislative developments, or if there is any case law that can help.
Marc looks for the legal journal he has in mind, and reviews his previous cases.

Once he has all the elements, the real work of listening and advising the client can begin.

At the time of invoicing, he does not charge for the time he has spent looking for the data, and reduces the amount invoiced for his collaborator's work, as this did not have significant added value.

With Lawrenza, he is still on the phone with his client when he finds the magazine article he was thinking of, but especially since the last case law is 2 years old, and his partner made an identical file only 6 months ago.

He can therefore ask additional questions directly to his client, and then devote himself to analysing the information in order to draft a detailed opinion.

The hours worked are of high added value, and can then all be invoiced, and the hourly rate can even be increased. And the icing on the cake is that he gains in efficiency and can go home earlier in the evening.

Search, Analys & find

Lawrenza will allow you as part of a mission to analyze hundreds of thousands of documents in a few seconds.

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Lawrenza is an artificial intelligence developed by and for lawyers, to enable them to provide more relevant, more comprehensive, and faster answers.